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DORSET ART WEEKS 2018! - Venue 240

Featured artists - Selwyn Holmes and Tilia Holmes


Dansel first opened in Abbotsbury in 1979 and was founded by Danielle and Selwyn Holmes initially, only showing work produced from their own workshop.


Since then it has grown and has collected an ongoing archive of unique work from other designer makers working in wood right across Britain, which has become a centre piece of the Abbotsbury visitor scene.


It now has a superb collection of work from some 200 artists exhibiting their innovative designs and unique styles displaying contemporary woodwork at its best, all of which is available for purchase.


Resident Makers

Selwyn Holmes

Tilia Holmes


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Dorset Art Weeks


Venue 240

We will be showcasing a separate exhibition in Dorset Art Weeks, involving 2 of Dansel's resident artists, Selwyn Holmes and Tilia Holmes. Both work with wood and all works will be for sale.

Dansel, Rodden Row, Abbotsbury, Weymouth, DT3 4JL                01305 871515                                                                              Open 10am - 5.30pm



10% off everything from 27th December - 8th January

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28th May - 12th June

Bronwyn Holmes

Selwyn Holmes

Tilia Holmes

Yvonne Tye

Dorset Art Weeks



We will be showcasing a separate exhibition in Dorset Art Weeks, involving 4 artists using different mediums.


Continuing the wood theme, the artists will be working with wood or involving trees as a subject.

All works will be for sale.

New Boxes

New marquetry

jewellery boxes

with different designs.

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